About Milestone Technologies Co. Ltd

Milestone is Afghanistan's first educational institute dedicated to Computer Science. It aims at providing world-class quality of education in the field of Computer Science. Milestone Institute employs instructors with not only strong academic background but also industry experience.


At Milestone Institute students are introduced to state of the art tools and technologies and are exposed to real-life projects that will prepare them to take on challenging jobs in the software industry.


World-class education in Afghanistan.

We are focused on developing student's programming, algorithmic thinking and problem solving skills. they must be able to write code that actually works and produces the expected  functional results. and we achieve that by ensuring that students are given enough coding exercise.



At Milestone Institute we are aimed at filling the gap that most universities and institutes leave, which is lack of sufficient practical experience.     

we are committed to bring world-class education to Afghanistan.

Professional growth of our society in the field of Computer Science.