Mobile Application Development

Learn Android App Development from beginning to advance, learn to code in java while building 13 real life android projects.

Welcome to the world's best Android app development course. We've perfected the curriculum with latest technologies which have been introduce by google to Android.

Our complete app development course teaches you how to code using Java and build beautiful Android apps for phone and tablets. 

Even if you have ZERO programming experience.

This course includes 13 real world apps such as WhatsApp app, Music app, Weather forecasting app, Bitcoin Price Tracker app and many more. Take this course and become an Android app developer just within 2 and half months.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently coding in Android and be ready to make your very own apps, get Android developer job, or start a freelancing job as an Android developer.

  •  Android is without a doubt THE biggest mobile platform in the world, with over 80% market share and over 1 billion devices sold in 2016 alone.   
  •  You can develop for Android on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.   
  •  Java is a fantastic language to learn, allowing you to make apps for PC, Mac and the web, as well as Android. 
  •  Android app discovery is way superior to the App Store, so your app has a far better chance of getting seen—and bought.   
  • Ad-based revenue is a lot more common on Android than on iOS, and a cinch to set up with Google Ads.

Can you lookup the difference between DNA and RNA in less than one minute on the Internet? Did you or are you going to read this page until the end? Are you willing to spend at least 2 hours a day looking at a mostly black & white screen and write 100s of lines of code? Do you have the 3 Ps: Passion, Patience, and Perseverance? If you answered yes to all of those questions then YES!! you can learn Android App Development...

This course is designed to be practical and project-based. It is therefore ideal for Computer Science students who understand the concepts and fundamentals of computer programming but want to gain practical and real experience and learn the industry standards and approaches to Mobile App Development.

  • Anyone who wants to be an app developer: This is a complete course. It will teach you how to make money from your apps as well as how to code.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code: Java is a fantastic language to learn how to code with.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how computers work: Learning to code is so much more than being able to make apps - knowing how computers work is your key to a hugely powerful world.
  • Ability to read in English

  • Ability to dedicate 1.5 to 2 hours daily

  • Basic programming language (Java) will help but is not a must-have

  • You can use either Windows, macOS or Linux for Android app development - iOS apps can only be built on macOS though

  • NO prior iOS or Android development experience is required - this course starts at zero!

At Milestone Institute we believe that the best way to learn programming is by doing. Therefore, there will be practical coding sessions in almost every class, coding assignments, projects, code reading assignments, debugging and challenge assignments and research and reading assignments. In addition to covering the content of the subject course students will learn about industry approaches and use state of the art tools and technologies.

The duration of this course is two and half months. There are three sessions weekly. Each session is 1.5 hour long.

Students: $80

Non-students: $100

Note: the above fee is for the whole duration of the course and not monthly.

By the end of this course students should learn:

  • Make pretty much any Android app you like (your only limit is your imagination)
  • Submit your apps to Google Play and generate revenue with Google Pay and Google Ads
  • Become a professional app developer, take freelance gigs and work from anywhere in the world
  • Bored with the same old, same old? Apply for a new job in a software company as an Android developer

The Learning Management System (LMS):

Milestone Institute is equipped with a comprehensive learning management system, which is designed to make learning easy and efficient for students. Through the LMS students can track class progress, see important announcements and events from class instructors and the administration, access and download course related material, submit assignments, check their scores on assignments and exams, interact with class instructors and other students through the discussion forum and more.

Access to Instructors:

At Milestone Institute access to the instructors is not limited to the class only:

  • All instructors have daily office hours during which students can talk to the instructors on a one-to-one basis and solve their problems.
  • All instructors will actively respond to questions posed from students in the discussion forum of the LMS.
  • All instructors will be available to students beyond office hours through appointment.

Free WiFi:

Students can use free WiFi on their laptops or mobile devices within the vicinity of the Institute. (See terms of use)


The Milestone Institute library is small at the moment but will be rich soon.

Free refreshments:

Free tea, coffee and snacks are available to students.