Building Dynamic Web Applications with JavaScript & JQuery

Learn To Add Interactivity And Dynamic Features To Your Websites.

Only one week remains until the start of the JavaScript & JQuery class. So be reminded and do not miss this class.

Because JavaScript is an important language. It is the only standard scripting language that the browsers understand. But that's not all JavaScript is.

Node.JS is a JavaScript runtime environment built on google Chrome's V8 engine. It is designed to build scalable network applications. Its event-driven, asynchronous nature allows it to handle many concurrent connections. Node is therefore ideal for building highly scalable applications and a many companies are already using them extensively. Google, IBM, Netflix, Linkedin, Uber are just a few examples.

But that's not all JavaScript is useful for. It is used to build native (yes! native) Android and iOS apps with ReactNative, for example (see As well as desktop apps with Electron (see Also see what is used to build the popular "hackable text editor for 21st century" Atom (

And the list goes on...

So trust us you need to learn JavaScript. Join our JavaScript & JQuery class on November 12th and we'll teach you all about it.


The whole WWW (World Wide Web).

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS... Don't worry!

This complete beginner to advanced JavaScipt and JQuery course track will teach you everything you need to know in order to code awesome, profitable projects, and of course, have fun whilst doing it.

This course is designed to accommodate website designers who have some experience building web pages. Lessons familiarize students with the ins and outs of basic JavaScript and then move on to advanced tools for adding really useful interactivity to a Web site as quickly and easily as possible with the help of pre-written jQuery libraries.
Students will learn how to use simple JavaScript Code that will liberate them from all of the minute, time-consuming details of creating JavaScript programs that run well across different browser platforms.

The course is designed to be practical and project-based. It is therefore ideal for Computer Science students who understand the concepts and fundamentals of computer programming but want to gain practical and real experience and learn the industry standards and approaches to web application development in JavaScript.

However, we don’t leave the theoretical concepts either and provide students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals, which makes it ideal also for professionals who want to refresh their memory, programmers switching to Java or anyone who wants to start a career in the software development industry.

  • Students should feel comfortable with HTML and CSS.
  • Ability to read in English
  • Ability to dedicate 1.5 to 2 hourse daily
  • Familiarity in using computer
  • The 3 P's: Passion, Patience, and Perseverance. Please note it is not a crash course!!

At Milestone Institute we believe that the best way to learn programming is by doing. Therefore, there will be practical coding sessions in almost every class, coding assignments, projects, code reading assignments, debugging and challenge assignments and research and reading assignments. In addition to covering the content of the subject course students will learn about industry approaches and use state of the art tools and technologies.

The duration of this course is two and half months. There are three sessions weekly. Each session is 1.5 hour long.

Students: $80

Non-students: $100

Note: the above fee is for the whole duration of the course and not monthly.

By the end of this course students should learn:

  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer

  • JavaScript and programming fundamentals: variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.

  • Asynchronous JavaScript: The event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX and APIs

  • Complex features like the 'this' keyword, function constructors, prototypal inheritance, first-class functions, closures

  • What's new in ES6: arrow functions, classes, default and rest parameters, etc.

  • Organize and structure your code using JavaScript patterns like modules

  • Code 3 beautiful real-world apps with both ES5 and ES6+ (no boring toy apps).

  • Master Object-Oriented Programming concepts by using a real-world application as a case study.

  • Using JQuery UI.

The Learning Management System (LMS):

Milestone Institute is equipped with a comprehensive learning management system, which is designed to make learning easy and efficient for students. Through the LMS students can track class progress, see important announcements and events from class instructors and the administration, access and download course related material, submit assignments, check their scores on assignments and exams, interact with class instructors and other students through the discussion forum and more.

Access to Instructors:

At Milestone Institute access to the instructors is not limited to the class only:

  • All instructors have daily office hours during which students can talk to the instructors on a one-to-one basis and solve their problems.
  • All instructors will actively respond to questions posed from students in the discussion forum of the LMS.
  • All instructors will be available to students beyond office hours through appointment.

Free WiFi:

Students can use free WiFi on their laptops or mobile devices within the vicinity of the Institute. (See terms of use)


The Milestone Institute library is small at the moment but will be rich soon.

Free refreshments:

Free tea, coffee and snacks are available to students.